Families of Hep C

Mom and kids

A simple truth is when someone is dealing with an illness, disease, or injury, the whole family goes through it as well.
It is like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripple effects are there.

Families can experience tidal waves of fear, depression, anger, uncertainty,hopelessness or denial.  Feeling drained physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially can take its toll.

There are so many issues to address.  How do you cope with taking on new roles in the household?  How do you help children deal with their emotions and needs?  What ways can you offer support to your loved one?  How can you get help and refreshment for yourself without feeling selfish?  Where can you get credible information about the disease and treatment?  What can you do for prevention of spreading the disease?  Where can you turn for financial assistance?

Take Heart, there is Real Help, Real Hope.  I will be sharing with you from raw honesty what we have done in our family as well as hearing how others have dealt with these issues.  There will be on going topic variety of blog posts that will continue to address these issues.  So stay tuned.  Feel free to ask questions or leave comments with your own experience. Also, I would love the opportunity to know how I can pray for you and your family.   See the Contact page for prayer request. There is also a support and resource listing available to help meet your needs.

What’s going on in your family?  How do you cope as a caregiver?
Comment on the blog or send me a message to answer.