Cancer Resource Information

Cancer Resource Information

American Liver Foundation

Life Beyond Cancer Foundation

American Institute for Cancer Research: Their focus is the nutrition cancer link.
Phone: 1-800-843-8114

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

CancerNet (National Cancer Institute)
Nutritional information for people with cancer and health care professionals. Includes effects of cancer therapies, assessment, and management.

CANCERLIT (National Cancer Institute)
Free Internet access to the CANCERLIT database and prepared topics literature searches of citations add in the last 6 months on over 90 topics.

A Dietitian’s Cancer Story
Diana Dyer, Registered Dietitian and three-time cancer survivor provides inspiration and information on nutrition and breast cancer.

National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Candlelighters: Organization to help children battle and overcome cancer.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital