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  • by Farah | Jan 14th, 2018
    Please pray for my brother who is suffering from hep c and at his last stage
  • by Mr O John | Jan 5th, 2018
    Hello, 1. Healing from Hepatitis B
  • by Aaron | Dec 29th, 2017
    Im afraid I may have hep c I havent been tested for it cause I have no insurance & ive been denied gov. assist insurance I was a drug user 4 past 10 yrs & for a few yrs was using drugs intravenously which how I think Ive contracted it Im not sure if I have it but think I do cause my rght side feels swollen where my liver wld be I pray I don't have this but think I do ive read alot of ur articles & just ask that u pls pray 4 me tht I can get hlp I need 2 get healthy 4 me & my family I want change
  • by joe | Dec 20th, 2017
    I'm a 70 yr old single father who just finished 3 months of Harvoni treatment. No virus is detected at this point but I'm suffering from severe bouts of depression. Please offer a prayer for me and my son. We're going thru this as a family and it's been tough...and it's Christmas. Thank you.
  • by Christina | Dec 1st, 2017
    I'm asking a prayer for mental, physical, and financial help with this battle of hep C. The doctor is unsure when I got it. It's possible I was infected by my first husband or when I was a drug addict (clean 6 years!) I am trying NOT to feel insecure, tainted, and less than. My past haunts me often and now this has created a stronger reminder. I know God doesn't want me to be hard on myself, but it's difficult. The medicine costs so much and I have NO idea how I'll afford it. Please pray for me
  • by Karen | Nov 27th, 2017
    My son has been diagnosed with hep c about 3 years ago due to a fight,he has no insurance nor can get any help with medicine to help with this He is starting to hurt more each day and is swollen so much I'm asking for prayer for my son His name is Brandon and he's only 36 We are in need of hardship right now Really need help and a blessing to come through for he is depressed about this and keeps saying he's dying slowly
  • by Jerome | Nov 6th, 2017
    My friend T who is struggle after recent diagonis of hep b. He is feeling hope, sad and like a leper. Please pray against helplessness, hopelessness and doom he is feeling.
  • by Angela | Oct 30th, 2017
    Please pray for me while being tested bc I relapsed I found out I had hep C. This is the second time having it just waiting for geno type but I've been battling non-alcoholic fatty liver disease please pray my liver is healthy enough for treatment
  • by G | Oct 16th, 2017
    Please pray for the RNA Hep C test to be negative. Thanks you so much.
  • by Sharon | Oct 3rd, 2017
    Need prayer for sleep disorder and job. Hep C devastated my health, finances, social life for 16 years. Did Harvoni 2016 but still struggling with sleep rhythm disorder and allergies. Im beginning to wonder if virus has returned...
  • by Akinola | Sep 11th, 2017
    I need healing from Hepatitis B and heart disease. I want God to restore my health speedily in Jesus name. Amen
  • by MADELINE | Sep 9th, 2017
  • by zahid | Aug 31st, 2017
    me and my wife both in Hypatites c please pray for us my wife name Farhat zahid
  • by Jamie | Aug 29th, 2017
    I just found out I have hep c. I don't have any insurance and I need help finding a place that will help me pay for treatment.  
  • by Sonya | Aug 29th, 2017
    Please pray for our friend "Sheila" who has Hep C and liver damage from radiation and chemo treatments for esophagus cancer. She called and said they told her that her liver is functioning at 20%. She may need to be put on the liver donor list, if her liver function goes any lower. I know God can heal her. Thank you for your prayer help.
  • by Sunny | Aug 18th, 2017
    I am scared with this disease. But, I know Jesus is with me. Thank you for your love and prayers💜
  • by Irena Bierande | Aug 7th, 2017
    Good afternoon, Please pray for my mom Irena Bierande. Just 1/2y ago I lost my dad to this horrible desease, my mom is on treatment, she lives in Latvia. God bless everyone who will pray for her. With love, Indra Willemsen
  • by Natasha | Jul 31st, 2017
    Pray request for me Natasha I Dont know why is happening to me sometimes heart pain then whole night I did not sleep only think what will happen sometimes hand pain like of depression plz pray I want to get out of this fearThat something will happen
  • by Kharifa | Jul 26th, 2017
    I am fighting with Hepatitis B for the past three years now. I am living in a developing country in West Africa called Sierra Leone. What is sad about mine is there is little or no treatment for Hepatitis B in my country. My family is poor and can not afford my Medication Online or Overseas. I am struggling to do little things but thanks to God I am still breathing and kicking. It is affecting my dreams of becoming a System Analyst in Computer Science. Please help me pray for help and cure.
  • by Ed wilson | Jul 21st, 2017
    To help heal him
  • by Donna | Jul 6th, 2017
    I have an unhealthy liver. I've almost had to have a liver transplant and I got prayer from two ministers and went home a couple days later. So I know the power of prayer. My liver gas been painful lately please pray that I have a healthy liver and that I will have what ever it takes to take better care of my liver. Please pray for me. In Jesus name..Amen
  • by Amanda | Jul 6th, 2017
    I was Hepatitis B-Genital herpes wasn't easy But as time has passed, I have slowly come to terms with my Hepatitis B-Genital herpes, status and try to tackle it with a positive attitude. In mid-2015 I became quite ill. I developed persistent flu-like symptoms, headaches, a nagging cough and sores that wouldn't heal. My skin felt as if it was crawling, my legs ached, I felt nauseous and lost weight. Then exhaustion hit. It was an indescribable tiredness and no matter how much I slept I never felt
  • by Jennifer | Jun 12th, 2017
    Please pray for my mental attitude in dealing with these side effects I'm still suffering through. Some days I feel like I just can't cope anymore. I pray for healing.
  • by Meagan | Jun 7th, 2017
    I was diagnosed shortly after I got married and we've been married almost 4 yrs with a perfect 3 year old son. Neither of them have it and I am beyond thankful I didn't hurt my family. Within the last 7 days, my spouse has suddenly decided he doesn't think he can be married to me any longer, due to hep c. I was blind sighted. After much talk, it's due to the fact he could never afford​ my.treatment. I'm begging for prayers. I NEED my family together. I need him to not give up on me. Thank you!
  • by lucille | May 24th, 2017
    I am taking treatment for Hep c. Sometimes i struggle through the day, just to do little things, but i am happey that God has made it possible for me to get this treatment,some people can't afford the treatment so i ask for pray for them,that they made be able to receive it as well. Bless my family and ask God to keep them on the right path. God is the only way to salvation. thanks
  • by Janice paige | May 23rd, 2017
    I have just found out that I hep c. And it's active. I'm 65 raising my grandchildren. I would ask u to please pray for me I KNOW that God hears prayers. And I am asking him to heal me. Ty
  • by Donna | May 19th, 2017
    My brother has serious health issues congestive heart failure, Copd etc. He was always my best friend, he is also my last sibling and original family member. Please pray for his health. Thank you so much. His name is Ken.
  • by Alexa | May 9th, 2017
    Please pray that I can find a free doctor that will prescribe treatment for my hepatitis C. I've tried free clinics and they won't prescribe the treatment. God bless and thanks for prayers.
  • by tatiana | May 3rd, 2017
    please pray for my twin sister Olena she has hep c
  • by Maria Fatima Menezes da Luz | Apr 28th, 2017
    Pray for Alzhemeir;s please , lives in Kimberley, South Africa. It is a genetic disease her mother died of the same disease. Thank youMany Blessings
  • by China | Apr 28th, 2017
    Hello to my prayer Warriors! A few months ago I was afraid to begin the new medication Harvoni, and the reason why I did not want to go through what I experience with the interferon injections. I did not trust my providers and was honestly afraid. In my mind I said I was going to die from this chronic disease. BUT GOD! I prayed and ask God to remove that fear away. I would like everyone to keep me in your prayers. I am now taking Harvoni. At last, I'm no longer afraid. I am praying for healing.
  • by satish | Apr 27th, 2017
    o god help to heal it quickly.i have treated my liver but still feeling god heal it quickly.
  • by Alex T Ibi | Apr 17th, 2017
    The weekend I travelled to the village to see some family member, there is visited Mr Dwabeti Dogari. Who is also HCV positive we pray with but he has been having some problems after operation in January, pray for healing as he will be seeing specialist on Tuesday. Thank God for Bala and Habila their condition is improving as the battle with chronic Liver disease. Pray for their families as they struggle with the cost . Pray also for financial support and their means of livelihood
  • by Edmund | Apr 17th, 2017
    [We read] In the King James Bible, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none." O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher?Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18). * Poland, pray for freed
  • by Grace | Apr 11th, 2017
    Please pray for Healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mom was diagnose with chronic Brochitis recently,Please Lord touch my mother from head to toe,Please God every pain in my mothers body,any infection,any disease please remove it from my mothers body and heal my mother in Jesus name,Please pray for healing for my mothers lungs,please pray for healing from that brochitis,lord please strenghten my mothers body,lord please keep you protective and healing hand over my mother.n
  • by Alex T Ibi | Apr 5th, 2017
    The cases of Hepatitis C in my community is like and epidemic. So any one tested positive to that always considers it a death sentence. I solicite for prayers for the people. Pray for Habila Gaya m and Bala Foseh both are age 37 and 26 all of them are struggling with chronic liver disease as a result of Hepatits C. Pray for fund as they struggle with the cost of treatments
  • by Alex T Ibi | Mar 27th, 2017
    As read about the cost for treatment compare to my yearly income one is tempted to conclude as if this a death sentence. So 1. Thank God that I know my status now ànd early. 2. Prayer for my wife and the children that God strengthen there faith 3. Prayer for God's headings as there is nothing impossible with Him 4. Prayer for God to provide for the treatment if he so wished that I go through the treatment 5. Pray for MORE faith and commitment to God's minisrty7
  • by Denise | Mar 27th, 2017
    One day at a time , no matter where u r on this Hepatitis c journey keep it faith. All things r possible with the creator. Amen I pray for us all, know u r not alone in this battle.
  • by Misty | Mar 23rd, 2017
    Please pray for my kids, husband and myself as I begin the process of getting rid of my Hep C virus. I am scared because I don't know what to expect during this journey, so I am asking the Lord to give me the strength through the trials and tribulations I am about to endure. I also am asking for strength and guidance for my husband and children as they have to assist me through the process. Finally, I ask for prayer for everyone suffering from this disease. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  • by Trust | Mar 20th, 2017
    please I want to ask for a prayer request for my husband-to-be, the doctor said he needs a liver transplant due to hep B, which is not done in our country, Ghana. He also said the transplant may not be successful because other organs are also affected, We were about to wed when he fell sick seriously, pls help us in prayers for his healing, I believe the Lord Jesus is greater than all diseases. AMEN!
  • by Maggie | Mar 13th, 2017
    I had complications with my pacemaker after 4 yrs. and had it and wires removed 6 weeks ago. I have to have the scar tissue removed next. Was just told have hep c again. Had it in 2000 and took rebetrol and interferon for six months. Now its back. Quite a bit to deal with. Waiting on more results and waiting to see if hubby has it. Need a little strength. God bless and thank you.
  • by mindy | Feb 14th, 2017
    I'd like to request a prayer for my mother Nancy Schroeder. Shes currently on a liver transplant list and were hoping and praying that a liver will come into her life any day now. So she doesn't end up being 1 of the unlucky 1,600 patients a year that tragically dont end up making it while on the liver transplant list, like our Father was. She has hit her rock bottom and needs everything to turn around for the better. She just really wants to live a normal life agaín as do the rest of us
  • by Eva | Feb 9th, 2017
    Pray that I will be healed and that the Lord carries me thru all the side effects as I participate in a drug trial for Hep C beginning this month.
  • by khaliq mahmood butt | Jan 11th, 2017
    for hapatits c problems me geno type 3 plz pray for me i will recover soon with regards
  • by Kimberly | Jan 11th, 2017
    To have understanding and awareness
  • by Jose | Jan 11th, 2017
    I ask everyone to pray for me. I have had 2 heart bypasses. diagnosed with COPD on 2010. On April 2016 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and HCV. However, 2 separate RNA test HCV was not detected, Dr. says I still have HCV but too low for treatment, but started having chest pain and will be seeing cardiologist on Jan. 13, 2017. Always in pain from RA, but been told treatment will weaken my immune system. I'm all alone. Please PRAY for me!! Thank You God
  • by mrs khaliq najma bibi | Dec 6th, 2016
    for hapatits c problems me geno type 3 plz pray for me i will recover soon with regards
  • by Teresa | Nov 21st, 2016
    Just found out I have hep c and I'm scared to death. I'm researching to see my options. I have no insurance. I fell lost and alone. God please help me and help this world and everyone that comes to you in prayer.
  • by Mikelle | Nov 17th, 2016
    I don't have hepc but I hope that u will pray with and for me I have an illness that I am claiming healing and believing it in jesus name it brings mw much pain and I am out of what I need to stay out of pain and really idont want pain meds I want healing and am believing for it in jesus name amen
  • by kurt | Nov 17th, 2016
    I have hep c and doctor said im not sick enough for treatment I just want healing from it
  • by Richard | Nov 17th, 2016
    Please pray for me my brothers and sisters. I went to my appointment today with the cardiophysiologist and my personal cardiologist. My echo cardiogram revealed that my atrium is now 5.8 cm. It is now doubtful that the ablation of my heart would stop my afib.They are going to try a cardioversion Dec.15th to see if that could give me some relief.The Lord's will be done. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless, Richard .
  • by Judy carbajal | Nov 10th, 2016
    My husband just got diagnosed with chronic hep c infection,and I'm awaiting to be tested on the 15th of Nov . I've been with him for 20 years and request your prayers for the both of us.
  • by Linda | Nov 2nd, 2016
    I have 11 days left on treatment. I cry constantly, that has been the worst. Like it may never stop, and the dark thoughts. I pray it goes away after the treatment is done. Thanks so much
  • by Kimberly | Oct 28th, 2016
    I'm a meth user and just found out I have chronic hep c and I'm scared I've tried to stop using but I can't seem to get past the physical pain my body feels I have other health condition as seen but with the physical pain and mental reason I started using feels like a losing battle to stay clean I've been praying to stop I started going to church when I remember it Sunday and all I listen to is klove I love God and know he in my heart I just don't understand why I keep picking the drug back up i
  • by Debby | Oct 28th, 2016
    Good morning everyone, I hope this morning finds everyone in good health and high spirits. I would like to ask for anyone to join me in prayer for my father, who is 74 years old, his name is David. He's been in the hospital for 5 days now. HE IS NEED OF PRAYER. He is very weak and having some confusion. God knows all about it. Just lift him (and my mother...who has been beside him all week) up in your prayers. They need healing and strength. Thank you. May God Bless you all. Debby
  • by sandra morrison | Oct 12th, 2016
    A prayer to find financial help, so I may be cured of HepC.
  • by Lisa | Aug 29th, 2016
    I was diagnosed with Hep C in December, 2014. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in December, 2011. I am a 57 year old female living with my wonderful dog, Ginger, who seems to want to be my caretaker. I was deemed to be 100% disabled by a judge about one year after I was diagnosed with RA. I do not have Medicare, though, I have Medicaid in the state of Florida. I have been denied 4 times regarding a prescription for Harvoni and/or Viekira Pak because I, " not sick enough."
  • by Sherry | Aug 22nd, 2016
    my son has informed me he has hep c .. I am so scared and do not know where to turn .. been looking for resourses but only thing I am getting is a headache .. he has no insurance and treatment options seem so high ..
  • by Edmond Rodriquez | Aug 18th, 2016
    Please pray for healing of the liver, gall bladder, spleen and other organs. Have stage 4 cirrhosis, waiting for approval of treatment medicine called Epclusa. Thank you.
  • by janna | Aug 6th, 2016
    Please pray for a hep c cure for me soon. Help my appeal to be accepted
  • by Keith | Aug 1st, 2016
    I recently contracted Hepatitis C, and don't have the money or good enough insurance to be treated, I pray nightly that God remove this disease from my body and let me start fresh
  • by Lucy | Jul 24th, 2016
    Prayer as a stroke victim....Prayer to Receive Speech Back and Body To Move, Hands,Arms,Legs Feet And Be able to Sit Up Ans Stand Up And Sit Up....I Know Prayer Will Fix It...By His Stripes I know That I Am Healed Lucy Davis
  • by theodore gannon | Jul 12th, 2016
    please help pray for my husband hes started treatment with harvoni and ribiviain ithink thats how u spell it hes going through a very hard time his legs and feet r swollen and has copd
  • by Aqeel Auj | Jul 6th, 2016
    Hello Prayer Team. Accept my greeting in Jesus! My Name is Aqeel Auj. I am a Christian young man from Lahore PAKISTAN, I have a prayer request for my mother name "Sakina Daniel" she is ( Hepatitis C ) patient, due to bad circumstances I can't afford her treatment, the Test ( PCR Genotype ) is very costly and medicine also. I am very upset about the situation. God is very kind so please pray for my mother and me. In Christ, Aqeel Auj
  • by John | Jul 1st, 2016
    John has HEP C and having serious kidney issues at this time (very hard to eliminate urine, hurts al the time, extreme issues with kidney stones and blockage) Cannot afford any medical assistance. Also, homeless and cannot find a job and to sick to work. Please pray for divine healing, God's divine will to be done in this situation. Is anyone aware of any HEP C Assistance programs that might help? In Jesus Christ Name, Amen
  • by Marie Hoover | Jun 24th, 2016
    I get discouraged so easily. I can't figure out how to get into the Friday Forum. It's so frustrating when you are a computer newbie. Please help me to rally & not go into overwhelm. Thank you,Marie
  • by Cindy | Jun 16th, 2016
    Complete treatment with zero side effects
  • by Joneisha | Jun 10th, 2016
    I am 8 months pregnant and recently found out I have hep c. Please pray for me and my baby. That he be healthy and free of the virus. That I can be strong in the Lord and brave to get and go through treatment. Bless you all
  • by Antony michael | Jun 1st, 2016
    I am an citizen and I came to USA 7 months ago. On 19-10-2015 I developed a severe stomach digestion problem. I can not eat normal quantity of food and my stomach become full when I eat only little amount and on eating more food I suffer from breathlessness. I had to look after 9 year old kid and wife. I feel that there is some serious problem with my liver and my death is near. Please help me and pray for me Sent from my iPhone
  • by Zachariah | May 30th, 2016
    Please pray along with me. I was tested HCV+ April 2015 , I did all the test I was asked to do. Genotype, Viral load etc. Now am due for treatment but I don't have such money for the treatment... Pray for the will of God.
  • by Christine | May 24th, 2016
    Please pray for the funds to be raised on behalf of the hep c trust , to make legal representation against the injustice of the NHS decision to cap the number of patients who can recieve the new hep c medication. NICE guidelines have already approved the medication as cost effective and should be made available to all. Thank you
  • by Cynthia | May 23rd, 2016
    I have hep c with cirrhosis my prayer is God because of Jesus's stripes that the Holy Spirit tells me loudly which is the best Doctor to listen to and the treatment to pursue
  • by Michael Meadors | May 13th, 2016
    I need God's help. I never had a drug issue, I never had sexual problem so I don't know how I got this but also in my situation, being on Medicaid and unemployed / underemployed, I don't know where or how to get my treatment and cure. I ask God for guidance ... I want to get married, I'm 35 and have spent most of my life alone and want to finally live, have a better life and a wife and kids. My mom wasn't there for me around the time I caught H. I need guidance for the cure.
  • by Sushma kiran | May 5th, 2016
    Kindly pray for my husband as he has fluid in his liver ,lung infection n animic also his HB is gone down to 7.8 he is very weak.
  • by Simone | Apr 27th, 2016
    Please pray God will be our Elohim our El Elyon
  • by Lisa McKenna | Apr 25th, 2016
    Thank you for your intercession for me. I am diagnosed with Hepatitis C genome 1 and my insurance denied helping me; denied the 2 appeals my doctor made for me. I'm so exhausted all the time and I'm so sad and scared. God bless you for taking the time to pray for me. Sincerely, Lisa
  • by charlotte | Apr 19th, 2016
    I pray i get the medicine i need because i dont have that kind of money and belive and receive amen
  • by Edmund | Apr 18th, 2016
    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund (to continue my work on), Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann(
  • by Denise | Apr 16th, 2016
    I was diagnosed in Oct and still 7 months later I wait on medication. Because I am not sick enough my insurance is not giving the ok for the medication I need. My faith keeps me strong cause I know the Lord is always going to be on time. Amen and God bless to all
  • by Michael | Apr 14th, 2016
    I requesting prayer for my husband Michael who has begun taking viekira pak plus ribavirin 2 weeks ago. He is a bit discouraged after having an episode of being extremely confused for 2 days, then the weakness and fatigue. He has also had a migraine for 5 days straight. Praise God, today he woke up feeling more back to normal and has hope. Thank you for your prayers for his continued recovery. Julie
  • by Christine | Apr 8th, 2016
    I was diagnosed in November and I am waiting on treatment but l feel dreadful and don't know if my symptoms are due to hep c or not as others don't seem to have experienced the same things. I have been really unwell for a number of months and I am feeling really low and don't know how I can continue like this and hold down my job. Please pray Christine
  • by Muriah | Apr 4th, 2016
    I have just received a positive test for Hepatitis C. I am a spirit filled woman of faith and right now my faith is truly being refined. I have a great church family, all of which is in prayer for me as well, but the more the better. I have a lot of feelings of guilt and shame which I know aren't from God. The enemy is on the war path. Please pray for my mind to be strengthen against his tormenting attacks. Thank you and may God bless each one of you
  • by LORI ELLIS | Mar 25th, 2016
    PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO NOT HAVE A ROUGH TIME WHILE GOING THROUGH TREATMENT. To also keep the fear of any bad effects thought of what could happen and let God take the reins. I seem to go off on my own sometimes and Gods behind going dont forget my hand. Pray for a the rest of my life to be gone of hep c also chirrosis.
  • by michael | Mar 23rd, 2016
    To get the right treatment. As I have epilepsy and have to get off that medicine. Don't know what I can get on. Don't have insurance or very much money. Don't know where to turn. God is my answer. Pray for direction and wisdom.
  • by shonta mason | Mar 17th, 2016
    Pray restoration, salvation, and healing for my entire body pray for my entire family.pray all cancer gone
  • by Janice | Mar 7th, 2016
    To whom it concern, I have hep c for about a year. I still haven't treatment, they refuse me, last year. I go to back to the doctors in a week. I pray in Jesus name, they will give treatment. Thank you, Janice
  • by Sunil | Feb 27th, 2016
    My name is Sunil. I am from Pakistan. My mother Mabel is suffering from Chronic Hepatitis C. She has swollen legs and belly. Please pray that may God help her. Heal her. Makes it easy for her. And may this virus stay away from the rest of my family. May my wife and children stay safe. In Jesus name.
  • by Richard s. | Feb 26th, 2016
    Please pray for my cousin Cheryl. Her husband of over 40 years has died after a liver transplant. He never really recovered from the transplant. His kidneys failed and he caught many infections. Please pray that our Lord Jesus Christ comforts them. I dont know if she is a believer. Please pray for their salvation. All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • by Denise | Feb 21st, 2016
    I'm waiting to hear if my insurance will cover my treatment. The crazy thing is that I work at a large hospital. My doctor told me not to worry and I am really trying not to. I have very strong faith I thank God I found this website. I know I will have a positive story to tell at the end of my treatment. Until then can we pray together. Please&thanks for all suppose. Amen, God bless
  • by Richard S. | Feb 21st, 2016
    Dear warriors, please pray for our sister Connie, and her family. Her brother in law passed away from a heart attack. Please Lord comfort them and help them. Lord, she is one of your most obedient followers. God bless you all.
  • by Chris | Feb 15th, 2016
    I have worked as a Respiratory therapist for over 20 years and think that I may have contracted Hep-C due to being needle stuck. I am now on disability and unable to pay for Hep-C tx.I very much would like for all of you to please pray for me and also my Fiancee, Rachel. She does not have hep-c but has other health problems as well, and I will pray for all of you as well.Thanks so much and may God Bless all of you !!! Sincerely , Chris Tucker
  • by Suzanne | Feb 15th, 2016
    I have a dear friend whose son chose the wrong path. he was involved in illegal things which landed him incarcerated. It was there he found out he had Hep C. I knew his release date and immediately got on the phone @ Duke and scheduled to see Dr. Muir. He is in his 3rd week of Sovaldi/Daklinza and luckily had very little scarring. I am not only requesting prayer for him to heal but for him to remain sober and clean. I pray he will find Jesus through this experience.
  • by joan - jc | Feb 7th, 2016
    need prayer for hep c and many other illnesses. Also long term survivor, clinically dead in a coma 7 days, journey to heaven and was greeted by our precious Lord Jesus Christ and sent back by God. Awesome! Thank you very much and God bless you. Cannot afford to pay for meds only medicare.
  • by John | Feb 1st, 2016
    Please pray for my healing. I thought I was cured for many years only to find Hep C is back again. I just lost my health insurance after 10yrs on the job and have no way now to pay for treatment. I need Harvoni in Jesus's MIGHTY name!!!
  • by Jane | Jan 26th, 2016
    Please pray for my brother Mike. He's only 26, a college student in an engineering program. His initial HCV Antibody testing came back positive...please pray for him that his RNA test comes back negative in one week. Please also pray that the US would pass legislation to make Harvoni free to all those with it is in other countries...please pray they would care enough about human beings to push to eradicate this chronic disease in the US.
  • by Edmund | Jan 25th, 2016
    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the ministry to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband), 3.
  • by Richard S. | Jan 22nd, 2016
    My brothers and sisters in Christ this is an update on my cousin Jesse. He once again went into emergency surgery. They were able to connect the bile duct to the liver via the small intestine. He is still on the ventilator, but Lord willing they will take him off of it soon. It is hard to believe but he had 200 units of blood product. It is hard for me to believe, but it is true, and he doesnt have hemophilia. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Continue to pray for his salvation. In Christ.
  • by Richard S. | Jan 22nd, 2016
    Dear prayer warriors, my cousin is being operated on in New Orleans for a liver transplant. They could not complete the operation because of complications. His kidneys shut down completely. Please pray for a healing, but also pray for his salvation. He was born a Catholic and is not a believer. Thank you all brothers and sisters for being the Lord Jesus Christ representative on earth.
  • by Melissa | Jan 20th, 2016
    I start my treatment tonight I pray it works and cures me
  • by michael | Jan 14th, 2016
    Please pray for a breakthrough in the nightmare I am going through to get medical treatment for hep c and cirrhosis. Pray that the"professionals" who decide if I get it will do what it takes. I am frustrated with roadblocks everywhere I turn for treatment. My wife is doing all she can, even writing my congressman and sending labs and records, test results etc to the doctors but they continue to give us the run around. I am stage 3 liver disease, genotype A1, a candidate for the new drug Harvoni.
  • by Cynthia | Jan 13th, 2016
    Please pray for my mother in law. we are scared we are going to lose her! She is a beautifil woman of God and is in the serious stages of HepC and is losing hope fast! 🙁 We are praying that she gets a sponsor and it saves her life! We love her dearly. She is a stay at home grandma of three. (that live in my home with her) they absolutely adore her and we wouldnt know what to do if we lost her, she has a special place in our hearts and with prayer and guidance i know she can fight the good fight
  • by Gary Minard | Jan 5th, 2016
    I am Sue Minard. My husband Gary has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. We have not seen a doctor to learn anything. He goes January 11 to see a GI doctor. Just please pray for us. Thanks Sue.
  • by melissa lane | Jan 2nd, 2016
    I am praying for God to help me with all of my health problems and my hep c, I've had it for over 10 yr and the free health care that Louisiana provides says that treatment for hep cost to much, so now on top of that all of my teeth need to be removed because of decay, and I desperately need God's help with my health care problems, and I have faith in God and believe ask and you shall receive in Jesus name melissa and Jesus
  • by Edmund | Dec 27th, 2015
    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life) and Ann( Ann needs husband), 3. G
  • by Arthur | Dec 21st, 2015
    Dear Bro/ Sis in Christ, Please pray for me lomg time since my diagnosis with Hep-c i never went to any treatment as for my financial need is so cretical and can not afford a treatment,Job is not stable, im serving the Lord in the ministry and i keep on beleiving in his power to heal me. please pray for my mircale that God will be mercyful to cure me and vanished the virus in my body,as i can not under gone treatment, im only the bread winner of the family, my salary is not enought for my expensess and family needs, this is my christmas prayer that may God help me and through all your prayers will sustain me and heal me.Thank you
  • by Priya | Dec 15th, 2015
    I am having Eye Twitching Problem. Kindly pray for it to be solved.
  • by Lyn. Thompson | Dec 1st, 2015
    Hi Connie and all your prayer warriors, I have some wonderful news !!! My friend Hassan who you've been praying for over the past month had a liver test today and the virus is un-detected - praise our wonderful Lord !! This is after only one month on Sovaldi / ribavirin and interferon injections. His virus count was 4 million at the start of this treatment and is now undetectable. He must continue treatment for two more months so please keep praying funding. Many thanks. Lyn.
  • by Lyn. | Nov 16th, 2015
    Hi to you all, Many thanks for your prayer support for my friend Hassan here in Egypt. Although we still don't have the funds to continue with his treatment , a member of my family in NZ has donated enough to cover the cost of his now overdue liver tests. God willing the virus load will continue to decline and the Lord will supply the money for another month's Sovaldi. Please keep him in your prayers . God's grace is sufficient for all our needs. Bless you heaps , Lyn.
  • by Sivathirukumaran | Nov 12th, 2015
    This month nov 2015, doctor told me that i hv hep c in my blood. I am married wit one son whom 11 year old. on 1st dec, i hv to do blood test again. I am christian n attending church. Please pray for me that God wil heal me n restore my heath. Past few days, i am down in spirit n worried on many things.
  • by Lyn. | Nov 10th, 2015
    I am a prayer missionary living in Luxor , Egypt. My landlord and friend Hassan has Hep. C and needs treatment urgently. He is a teacher on very low wages so is unable to pay for Sovaldi and the injections himself so I have been supporting him with the costs. However it is extremely expensive ( US $ 37,500 ) for 3months I think and I'm no longer able to meet these expenses . Please join me in praying for this man that God will point us to some financial help. Thankyou . Lyn.
  • by Alicia | Nov 6th, 2015
    Lord God I just want to pray for my brothers and sisters here who are dealing with this hep c virus , I pray a miraculous healing over their bodies mind and spirits , There is Power and Healing in The Blood Of The Lamb and Lord You've Got This !!!! Lord we Give You All The Glory And Honor In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.... Peace Comfort and Joy in their Hearts from this day forward ....God Bless Sister Alicia
  • by Pamela VanBuren | Oct 18th, 2015
    For my brother, Gary VanBuren who is battling HepC and have no financial means to afford the medicine. Please pray for financial relief and strength to overcome this disease.
  • by Lynn | Oct 5th, 2015
    Can't seem to find medications please pray that my insurance will approve treatment
  • by Billie | Sep 18th, 2015
    Jesus peace n strength. Please I am aways so stressed.
  • by Laurie | Sep 4th, 2015
    I contracted Hep C through a blood transfusion in 1981 during a hysterectomy at the age of 19. I was able to stay relatively healthy through a very strict healthy diet and staying as active as possible. I've always felt The Lord was in control and would bring me through thisI I have been quite ill for the past year and I have now been on treatment for almost 4 weeks and experiencing a lot of side effects, extreme nausea, fatigue, headaches and insomnia. I get severely depressed some days too.
  • by Nasir | Sep 1st, 2015
    I am starting heptitas c madicine.kindly pray for my health
  • by janice | Aug 23rd, 2015
    To whom it may concern, I have acute hep c, my insurance is not covering me for the medication. Please pray for me, that I get the medication. So I could get cured. May the Holy Spirit be with you. God bless you; Janice
  • by Gary | Aug 23rd, 2015
    I'm 29 I was just diagnosed with hepatitis c last week. I'm asking for prayer that God will cure me . I'm very afraid and keep thinking that I'm going to die from this .thank you
  • by Robin | Aug 17th, 2015
    Ugh.All last week. Not sure how to manage my new life on these meds. Beginning to feel the effect. Lots of quiet t me and healthy food. Prayer for contentment
  • by Robi | Aug 17th, 2015
    Pray that stress does not settle in my body due to an outside circumstance. I'm only 3 wks into treatment and I'm aware and cautious that I want a good flow within my body so the meds can have free reign. In Jesus name.
  • by kk | Aug 8th, 2015
    Please pray for my friend Jim to get relief from this disease. He suffers so much. I know god can heal him. I want so much for him to feel better and get back some of his strength and energy. He has so much to give. Much love.
  • by Edmund | Jul 31st, 2015
    Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life and understanding for him what to do, Ann needs husband
  • by David Freeman | Jul 13th, 2015
    I was just recently diagnosed with the hepc virus, ( May 29, 2015) I just want to ask for healing prayer and strength and protection against this. I am happy I found this faith based hepc support group. I know the Lord has a plan and a purpose for my life and I will continue to praise Him and seek His presence for victory through this shadow, there is His light at the end of my journey.
  • by MIR | Jul 13th, 2015
    My wife,Qadir-un-Nisa is Hep C diagnosed in 2008,Interferon relapsed,waiting,to get SOVALDI, I am a muslim I always pray for my wife's recovery & health in all my prayers.I also for all ailing Humanity. Therefore,you may also pray my wife and me.
  • by JD Worley | Jul 8th, 2015
    Please, pray that I will have more energy. Since my treatment and liver transplant, I still suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctors do not know how to help me get my energy back. Although I am HepC free now, I am still tired all the time. Thank you all for your prayers.
  • by richard | Jun 25th, 2015
    Dear warriors, I have a praise report. My niece finally talked to her dying father. At least she will not have to regret not talking to him, when he was still on earth. Continue to pray for no pain for him. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for His faithfulness.
  • by Jessica | Jun 24th, 2015
    Please pray that God will sustain me and give me peace.. The insurance company is frustrating me.. I have reached out to PAF for help to get access to the medicine. Pray for energy because the fatigue is interfering with my job performance. My job is very physical. Also, prayers for encouragement and positivity. Thank you!
  • by connie | Jun 24th, 2015
    This Request is from Hernando
    Hello everyone. Connie I have just been admitted NYU hospital with a diagnosed shingles outbreak. Apparently I should not have been taken off my anti viral medication while I was on a high level of anti rejection medication. With no immune defense the shingles came up. Have you or anyone heard of this happening to a liver transplant recipient? My New York doctors wanted me admitted because they are afraid of complications. I am trying to keep my eyes on the Lord but I am struggling in my faith.
  • by Tracy | Jun 22nd, 2015
    My dad has hepc and he's the greatest dad ever, I worry every night if he's not going to wake up the next day, he is a very hard worker but can't afford treatment 🙁 please pray for a way to get treatment for him Ty
  • by connie | Jun 17th, 2015
    Prayer for Hep C patients dealing with insurance issues and working towards approval for treatment.
  • by Brandi | Jun 17th, 2015
    I am 2 years post hcv treatment and I suffered pretty severe cognitive side effects post treatment. I still struggle with memory problems, concentration problem, over reaction to stress, and problems processing information to the point I qualify for disabled services at school now. I am a single mom in my 30's and I'm afraid this will never get better and keep me from getting decent work to provide for my kids. I would be so appreciative if you'd pray for my cognitive damage to be healed please.
  • by richard | Jun 17th, 2015
    Please pray for my brother who has terminal throat cancer. Ask the Lord to take away the pain. I don't know if he is saved. He says he believes, but doesn't act like it. I don't know. His daughter is getting divorced and won't forgive her father for how he treated her in the past. Ask the Lord to soften her heart for her to say goodbye. God bless you all for doing the Lord's work.
  • by Juanita Giddens | Jun 17th, 2015
    I need to get help with a program to help me pay for this treatment. I also am a diabetic who takes insulin. I just want to get well so I can prove to God that I will not take his help for granted. I want to live for my family and friends. Thank- you.