15 Things about Connie

Connie Laughing

  1.  Loves Jesus with a passion and thrives on God’s Word.
  2. Thinks my best friend and husband, Mr. Fix It hung the moon!
  3. I have an incredible appetite for books. It’s not been a good day unless I’ve spent some quiet time reading.
  4. I am a professed Dishaholic. Once Mr. Fix-It asked me if I loved him more than my dishes. I paused before answering, and asked him, which set? (only joking!)
  5. Thinks the Texas Hill Country is a piece of heaven.
  6. Loves sheep wrangling.
  7. I’m fluent in Schnauzer, but love all animal lingo.
  8. Could live on Ice Tea.
  9. Has a thing for highlight markers and calls them “nugget finders.”
  10. My favorite pair of shoes are Cowboy Boots
  11. I love to hang out at book stores but my most favorite hangout is our small ranch in the country. I am blissfully happy there.
  12. I am totally awed by true stories of people God has used to rise above adversity to accomplish amazing things they could never do on their own.
  13. My love language is encouragement.
  14. I love to give dinner parties and entertain.
  15. My kitchen pantry is decorated ( I know it sounds weird but when I open the door it makes my heart sing.)


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