About Connie

Connie Welch

I’m a born and bred Texas Domestic Engineer married to my sweetheart and best friend, John, aka, Mr. Fix-It for over 35 years.


Spring 2007 Gaylord photos John & Connie 105

My handsome husband John, (aka Mr. Fix-It)



We have two married kids, blessed with a daughter and son-in-love, plus I’m a Grammie.




My amazing sidekick who is a schnauzer wowzer named Sassy.

Our Labanese (half Lab, half Great Pyrenees) “Riley”





Plus. . . our new addition, Riley, the amazing wonder dog who we are training to become a therapy dog for patients dealing with chronic conditions.





I’m also a sheep wrangler and donkey whisperer. Yep, you heard right!
We have a small sheep ranch in the Texas Hill Country. I share some snippets about sheep wrangling and ranching in posts and videos.
We currently live in the “big city,” but travel back and forth to the country which I fondly refer to as “Blissville.”


I am a comical mix of Doris Day and Annie Oakley wanna- be.  I am convinced God has a sense of humor with the comical country escapades I get in.  I’m a city girl with a country heart who loves Jesus, my family, and country life.





When I was 12 years old I invited Jesus into my heart as my Savior but it was many years later as a young adult when I understood what it meant for Him to be the Lord of my life.  We’ve had a love relationship ever since.


I’ve enjoyed being involved with Christian ministry for many years, as a Bible Study director, teacher, and conference speaker.  In 2006 I became  involved and taught a Christ centered health and wellness program, First Place 4 Health. In 2010 I began serving in First Place as a Network Leader for Texas that helps train and support other group leaders. In 2011 I had 18 devotionals published in First Place 4 Health’s Devotional Book, “Better Together.”


With a deep love for the Word of God and sharing how God helps us find hope in the dark difficult places of life.  The passion of my heart is to share God’s message of hope through writing, teaching and encouraging others in Christ. I love to help others discover the real difference Jesus makes to empower us to live beyond our circumstances.


I’m a flawed gal who needs Jesus.  I’m an ordinary woman who God continues to transform from a shepherd to a warrior.  Every day I am amazed at what he does in my life.  Many times I back seat drive him, yet he’s always patient with me as I work through the process of letting go, and give him the wheel.


I’m also a Hep C Warrior and Patient Advocate passionate about helping patients and their families find their way through the journey with Hepatitis C and Chronic Liver Disease Conditions. In 2011 I founded Life Beyond Hepatitis C, an organization dedicated to serve patients and their families through faith, medical resources and patient support.

Life is full of so many things that define who we are. But I want to share with you something that does not define who I am.  Chronic Active Hepatitis C lived with me for 20 years. I said for many years, Hepatitis C lives with me, I do not live with it.  Receiving a cure which resulted from my 3rd treatment, I can now say, HEP C NO LONGER LIVES WITH ME.   I contracted Hepatitis C in a very unusual way.  Stop by and visit my Hep C Story and see how God has turned a tragic story into a Life Beyond Hepatitis C.


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