Mission Statement


Life Beyond Hep C is where faith, medical resources and patient support meet, helping Hep C patients and their families navigate through the entire journey of Hep C.


Life Beyond Hep C is dedicated to encourage others through Jesus Christ to live beyond our circumstances. Who we are is not defined by disease, stigma, trauma or tragedy.


It is our mission to serve the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically while helping them through the journey of diagnosis, tests, preparing for treatment, treatment and recovery.


Offering a variety of resources and support:

  • Christian devotionals and articles written specifically for Hep C patients and their families.
  • Hep C Patients Treatment Journey, sharing patient interviews, providing an inside look at how other Hep C patients conquered Hep C, cancer, liver transplants and those living with cirrhosis.
  • Hep C Help, Medical Resources and Patient Assistant Programs providing information on the latest treatments, tests, treatment help tips, liver health and disease information along with financial patient assist programs to help receive treatment.
  • Hep C Warriors Friday Forum Support Group, providing a Hep C online forum support group which meets weekly for patients and their families.
  • Life Beyond Hep C Prayer Ministry which offers prayer support for you and your family.
  • Plus variety of Video’s, Hep C News, and much more.


Life Beyond Hep C was founded by Connie Welch in 2011 with launching the website April 9th 2012, the same day Connie began her 3rd treatment for Hep C.


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