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Alcohol and Hepatitis C

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Alcohol and Hepatitis C


Is drinking alcohol safe for patients who have Hepatitis C? How does alcohol effect Hepatitis C? Does alcohol effect Hepatitis C treatment and recovery? These are important questions Hep C patients ask when seeking how to take care of themselves while fighting Hepatitis C.   Is drinking alcohol safe for patients who have Hepatitis C? …

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Is there a Special Diet for Hep C?


  Mindfulness on living a healthy lifestyle helps your liver work better. A healthy diet plan makes a difference in everyone’s health, especially those with Hep C and liver disease. Make a Healthy Plan and Work the Plan. Nutrition is one area of disease a person has control and can actively help in the recovery …

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Getting Through Hepatitis C Treatment: How a Thankfulness Journal Helped Me.


In getting through Hepatitis C treatment and post treatment recovery, patients discover many helpful tools.  Keeping a Thankfulness Journal was one of the tools that empowered me to take the harshness of treatment and turn it inside out to see more good than bad.   Let me preface this by saying, I knew I had …

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