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After Hepatitis C Treatment is Completed: What Happen’s Next? Part 2

6 Comments 21 December 2012

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After Hepatitis C Treatment is completed, What happens next?  Today we conclude with part 2 of what happens after treatment.


I have been very closely monitored by my doctor all through these years.   In April of 2012, I began the third treatment, which was the new triple therapy with the protease inhibitor, Incivek with Peg Interferon and Ribavirin. The triple treatment has a 70% cure rate and directly targets the hepatitis virus cells.  This treatment was by far the most difficult but had excellent results.


Working through side effects was rough and persevering but worth it.  This treatment has been successful with receiving a Non-Detected Virus load all through treatment and remaining Non-Detected in post treatment week 4.    My next physical exam and new blood work will be in January 2013 along with the next RNA (virus load count).


Recovery from treatment side effects started out slow.  Low fatigue hung on for at least a month.  My thyroid went wacky again and medication has had to be changed twice so far.  All treatment side effects slowly disappeared and at this time of post treatment week 12, the only side effects that remain are occasional drop in energy, occasional joint pain, some slight concentration/memory issues, and changes in eye sight.


Blood work done at 4 weeks post treatment showed all liver enzymes in normal limits (Yea!), hemogloblin, red blood cells in normal limits and white blood cells borderline normal limits.  Energy continues to rise and overall feeling of wellness continues.  Praise God!


My physician told me I would have blood work and check-ups every 3 months for the first year.  When I reach the 1 year mark while retaining a Non-Detected Virus load, he will give me the “All Clear” diagnosis.  Blood work and check-ups will continue every 6 months and then taper off to once a year until I reach the 5 year mark.  After that, I’m a free bird!!!


I asked if I would be retain the diagnosis of Hepatitis C and was told, that the new diagnosis would be “All Clear” with a history of Hepatitis C.     History, now that’s a beautiful word!



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6 Comments so far

  1. Margaret Polino Nicholas says:

    Dear Connie, I absolutely cannot wait for January! You find out your RNA test and well I guess by feb or march I may be on it. You are such an inspiration to me. I DO NOT want to do the triple, but The Dragon must be slain in order to get well! XO Warrior Margee

  2. Connie M says:

    Margee, You will get there my friend with victory! Thoughts and Prayers for you daily. Many Blessings~


    Dear, i am glade to know that now you are free bird from the cage of this fatal disease.I am also a patient of hepatitis c and completed interferon treatment alone in 2011 but i am feeling some after effects in my body from last year and worried about this


    i belong from a back word country where health facilities are very rare.kindly guide me what to do now in this situation?

    • Connie M says:

      M.Abubakar Mazari,
      Thank you for writing and sharing. May I ask Did you clear the virus with the treatment?
      Interferon does have side effects with treatment and sometimes they can linger awhile after treatment has stopped.
      In order for me to understand and know how to help, can you explain some of the after effects you are experiencing? If you care to write me privately or here on the website, please feel free to do so.

      Also, most drug companies that supply all Hep C Treatment, have online and 24 hour phone nurse help support. If you will write me back with more information I will try to help guide you.

      You are in my prayers~

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