Daily Life, For Hep C

6 Comments 24 July 2014

I discovered a very helpful way to get through Hep C Treatment with weekly achievable goals called Mile Markers. The long haul of Hep C Treatment can be overwhelming. April 2012 I  began triple therapy using the protease inhibitor Incivek (telaprevir), Peg Interferon and Ribavirin. Since I had done two prior treatments for Hep C I […]

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Hep C Treatment with Sovaldi and Olysio with Hep C Patient Emma, part 2

Daily Life, Other Hep C Patient Stories, Treatment Journey

4 Comments 23 July 2014

Hep C Treatment with Sovaldi and Olysio is a dynamic combination for Hep C patients who could not tolerate the side effects from Interferon and Ribavirin. Today we continue to hear from Hep C Patient Emma and her treatment experience. Connie: What has your blood work been like? Can you share any details?  Emma:  My […]

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Daily Life, Other Hep C Patient Stories, Treatment Journey

6 Comments 22 July 2014

Hep C treatment with Sovaldi and Olysio is the first Interferon and Ribavirin free treatment for Hep C. Hep C Patient Emma shares her experience this week with this new combination treatment. Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) is manufactured by Gilead Sciences and Olysio (simprevir) is manufactured by Janssen.  Both of these drugs are anti viral agents and […]

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Christian Music Videos, Daily Life, Devotionals

0 Comments 21 July 2014

When the Hep C giant invades our lives it can be overwhelming.  Oppression can come in many forms but God is bigger than them all. Our problems NEVER outnumber God’s resources. Just as a solider stands guard duty, attentive, watching for enemy encroachment, we have to stand guard, stay alert and self controlled with our […]

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Daily Life, Support Group

33 Comments 18 July 2014

Welcome to “Hep C Warriors Friday Forum Support Group” here on Life Beyond Hepatitis C.  If you or a loved one are battling Hep C, YOU are a Hep C Warrior! Hep C Warrior’s go through many phases of battle.  No matter where you are in your journey with battling Hep C you have a […]

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